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It can be hard to determine what to do, what to see, where to eat, where to stay...with all the beauty that is Morocco! Leave that to us. We can work together to understand what exactly would make your perfect tour. Just let us know how many in your trip, how many days you'd like to spend with us and what activities you enjoy normally.  

There's also tour itineraries on deck we have that we can share with you. From Marrakech to Fes, or a grand Morocco tour, we have various example itineraries from previous tours you can review. 

No matter what you decide,  we will make your tour as seamless as possible. Your driver will pick you up directly from the airport or your riad, and escort you comfortably in your own private, air-conditioned Land Cruiser. Although your itinerary will be prepared, you will have the flexibility to stop anywhere you like to travel at your own pace. 

What to do:

Review the questions below when thinking about your Morocco tour. 

To get some ideas, take a look at some of our popular tour options and browse some of our photos to see what interests you. 

Then reach out to our team with your detail, and we'll find or create the best and most affordable tour for you!

Things to think about for your tour: 

  • Would you like a standard or luxury tour? 
    • The difference between a standard and luxury tour is the places you stay at night, and the restaurants we escort you to.
    • For our standard tours, we stay in gorgeous 3 and 4 star riads or hotels.
    • For our luxury, we'll accommodate you at one of best 5 star luxury hotels and riads in Morocco. 
    • More information on our luxury tours is found on this page.
  • How many days do you have to travel with us?
    • We can accommodate almost any tour length, from day tours in the city, to month long adventures. It's up to you. 
  • Where would you like to go? (The desert, the beach....)
  • What are some things you would like to see? (Historical sights, nature, local culture...)
  • Do you have any requirements for pick-up or drop off?
    • We can pick you up and drop you off from any riad or hotel, or airport.
  • How many people are in your party? Are you traveling with children? 

Let us know all this information, and we'll create the perfect tour for you! 




Luxury Tours:

Our luxury tours are a great option for any customer. It is for those who desire a more luxurious trip, are on a business trip or honeymoon, or want to be sure they're surrounded by all the opulence that is Morocco. You will stay in the VIP tents in the desert, which are well decorated with furnished, be taken to only 5 star riads and hotels and offered only the best food that Morocco has to offer. Traveling on a luxury tour allows you to experience the country luxuriously. 

Day Tours 

Staying in the city (either Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fes) and would like someone to show you around? Our private guides offer an amazing way to see the city while feeling safe, and able to truly experience all there is to offer! It can be difficult to navigate a new place, let alone in a foreign country. But we'll take you to all of the amazing places in the city to see, let you meet some of the locals and even help you to do some bartering when shopping. Having a day guide helps you to ensure that you're getting the most out of your experience, and you're staying safe. 

Example Tour Options: 

  • Grand Morocco Tour: Taking you to all of the places in Morocco you'll ever want to see, this runs 10 days in total. We have a full itinerary, just ask!
  • Imperial City Tour: During this tour, we'll visit all of the cultural religious and architecturally rich places of Morocco. This runs 7 days in total, picking you up from the airport and returning you to the airport after our adventure together. 
  • Kasbah and Sahara Desert Tour: This tour takes you through the picturesque valleys to end in the desert for an amazing evening in our camp, where you can camel trek. We have two options here, six days five nights or, four days, three nights. Just let us know!
  • Two days desert tour: We suggest doing this tour if you don't have much time but want to experience the Sahara! We'll pick you up from your hotel/riad in Marrakesh, take you to the desert dunes, where you can enjoy a camel trek and meal at our luxury camp. 
  • Sahara Desert Tour: We can customize this based on days or nights you have available, but most folks choose to go with an option of four days, three nights or three days, two nights. This includes camel trekking, exploring of the historic cities surrounding Marrakesh, driving among the Atlas Mountains and sand-boarding - among other things! 




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We're glad to tell you all there is to do in Morocco, just send us an email to discuss your tour!