Some of our most popular overnight tours.

(Ask us about any other overnight tours, we've pretty much been everywhere in Morocco. From 2 days to 30 days, with groups as little as 1 up to 35! Just go back to 'Lets Create Your Tour' for more detail on custom options.)

New Years Eve Moroccan Desert Tour 

This one is a favorite for groups who want to enjoy their New Years together, or for couples. During the 'winter' months in Morocco, the weather is pleasant and it's an amazing place to get away after the holidays.

Option 1: Four days, Three nights

  • In the morning we'll pick up from your Riad or hotel in Marrakech and travel through the High Atlas Mountains, which is an amazing site to see on it's own.  This drive offers panoramic views of the snow capped High Atlas Mountains and their magnificent landscapes.
  • We'll continue through to visit the extraordinary Kasbah Telouet, a rustic town that was once a principal stop on the main caravan route to Mali. Here visit an amazing relic of Moroccan history, the crumbling Kasbah that was once the palatial residence of extremely powerful Glaoui family.
  • Then continue your trip to another extraordinary Kasbah. Built upon a hilltop, it has been featured in various movies such as Gladiator. Here you'll spend the night at one of our gorgeous riads. 
  • In the morning of the second day, we'll depart in the morning to Ouarzazate and travel via the road of Thousand Kasbahs taking us to the palm oasis of Skoura and the valley of Roses. After we reach the city of Boumalne Dades we take smaller road into the Dades Valley and Dades Gorge. This way we will enjoy stunning views of the interesting rocks of Tamnalt Hills and travel the road of the Dades Gorge. Because of it's impressive views, here we'll stop to enjoy lunch. After a delicious meal, we'll continue our journey to see a whole area spotted by many beautiful Kasbahs. Some of them in ruins, sitting among a green oasis, there are villages typical of the region but unseen anywhere else A photographers heaven! The night will be spent in the here.  

  • The morning of day three we set off for a desert adventure! More popularly known as the Sahara gate. From here you'll begin to see sand dunes from the road. We'll reach a rustic local auberge by the sand dunes, where we have chance to change before heading onto our camel caravan adventure. A local Berber guide will lead us on the camels into the spectacle of the desert. Here you'll be able to take in the wonderful scenery and enjoy beautiful sun set. The camel ride is approximately 2 hour long.

  • For our New Years Eve festivities, we have an unforgettable night planned! A New Year Party/Sylvester in the desert! We'll have an amazing camp fire, ornate feast, music and authentic decorations surrounding the camp site to make for a magical evening. Under the stars, in the Sahara desert this will be a night you'll never forget!

Option Two. Three days, two nights. 

  • We pick you at your hotel/riad in Marrakech and start heading to the Atlas Mountains on a direct route towards Ouarzazate. This spectacular drive presents astonishing views of snow topped peaks of the Atlas and many Berber villages. If you'd like to stop at any point for pictures, just ask! Upon our descend we arrive to the cultural heritage site of Morocco the Ksour of Ait BenHaddou. It was once an important stop on the caravan routes carrying salt from the Sahara and on return gold and ivory. It is the best preserved and well fortified Kasbah with high steep walls of dark red clay, impenetrable in this remote, hillside site. After our visit we'll pass the desert city of Ouarzazate and head along the Road of Thousand Kasbahs passing the Skoura Oasis and Rose Valley to Dades Gorge, where we spend the night. For the night we'll be in Dades Gorge, where we'll have a wonderful dinner and breakfast in the morning for you. 
  • In the morning you'll travel to another gorge of Todra. The whole area is speckled with the ruins of Kasbahs, a vibrant green oasis and typical villages which are unlike anything you've ever seen. The Todra Gorge is a exciting, narrow high rock walls raising 900 feet high. After stretching your legs in the gorge we can continue on our travel to the desert of Morocco to see the sunny sand dunes. Here after our arrival we'll meet with a local guide that will take us into the desert on  a camel trek during a spectacular sunset. The camel trek for about 2 hours, and during this time you'll enjoy the solitude and quietness that comes from the desert. After your trek, we'll enjoy a special New Years Eve party! This includes an amazing buffet, decorations, camp fire, dancing music and fun under a blanket of stars. 
  • The next day, we'll get an early start to your day and return on camelback during sunrise to Merzouga. Here breakfast will be prepared for you and you'll have an opportunity to shower before our departure. Today, we'll begin our journey back to Marrakech. We will take different route, along the volcanic mountains lined by palm groves. Then after reaching Ouarzazate we cross the High Atlas Mountains to Marrakech. 

Services included your New Years Eve experience:

  • 4x4 WD & Fuel & English speaking Driver
  • Accommodation
  • Overnight in Nomad tent with breakfast and New Years Eve Dinner  (mattress, linen, blankets and pillows)
  • New Years Eve party
  • Camels & Guide

Feast in the desert includes:

  • Welcome with Moroccan mint tea, dates and almonds
  • Big Fire
  • Local music entertainment
  • Buffet dinner under large Berber tent
  • Royal Couscous
  • Dessert

Atlantic Tour on the Coast 

This tour is good all year round, but ideal for summer months. Let us take you to cool yourself in the Atlantic cool breeze where temperatures are ideal! We'll explore the Ameln Valley nestled in the peaks of Atlas Mountains with distinctive rock formations. Tour is customizable, of course! Just let us know your requests. 

This tour runs eight days, seven nights. 

  • Day one begins in Marrakech. We'll pick you up at the airport or your hotel/riad. Depending on the time of your arrival we'll begin our journey, ending our day with a local berber family dinner and the night spent a one of our favorite riads. 

  • Day two will begin the journey from Marrakech to Essaouira. We'll travel west to the Atlantic visiting the UNESCO protected city of Essaouria. Essaouria - an Arabic term for "the wall" - is an enchanting fishing harbor reflecting the Portuguese character of settlers from the 16th century. The enormous fortress of white washed, blue-shuttered houses (built at sea-level) is famous for its fine art and crafts. The city flourishes in marquetry, the art of working wood with ebony, mother-of-pearl, and silver threads. In this beautiful location we'll have dinner and in following you can retire in one of the lovely hotels we have booked for you.

  • Day three will continue from Essaouira to the town of Agadir. We'll have a morning departure from Essaouria towards Agadir to visit one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Nearby there lies the beach of Taghazoute, a paradise for surfers, which offers excellent sea views and the amazing smell of the fresh Atlantic Ocean air. You can visit the beach here to see the new (and very European) city of Agadir. You can enjoy a wonderful dinner, with the nights accommodation in a hotel we have reserved for you. 

  • On day four you continue your journey to a laid back city filled with Spanish flavor and Art Deco architecture. It makes for a relaxed - yet stimulating experience.  From there, we'll travel onward to the village of Tiznit, where the locals dress in traditional costume, and you'll have the opportunity to see or buy hand made Berber jewelry. Here we'll enjoy a lovely dinner, and a night in one of our fabulous hotels.

  • Day five continues our Atlantic Coast tour journey where we visit the towns of G'limime and Tafraoute. This is an area known for almond trees, argan oil, and the production of babhouches (a traditional Moroccan leather shoe). After experiencing the culture and seeing many interesting things, you'll be able to close the day with a relaxing walk in the Amen Valley. Here the landscape of colorful bolders change from pink to gray to gold depending on the time of day. We'll end with dinner, and then you'll retire to your hotel.

  • On day six, we'll head to the town on Taroudante. Taroudante (nick-named the "mini-Marrakech") is an elegant town, considered a shopper's paradise for aficionados of unique silver items. Here is another fantastic dinner, and a beautiful hotel in the town square. 

  • Day seven includes time in TaroudanteIn Marrakech, with a visit to the Menara Gardens, Koutoubia Minaret, Saadian Tombs, and Bahia Palace. Here we'll enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch,  we'll take a tour around the Agdal Gardens, the Gueliz district, and the ancient Medina. You'll enjoy the end of your day visiting the markets. Dinner, Hotel to follow!

  • Sadly our day ends at day eight, where we'll escort you to the Marrakech  Airport for your flight! This ends the Atlantic Coast Tour. 

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Marrakesh to Fez 

This is one of our most popular tour because it connects two of the most popular cities of Morocco. It takes you to the splendid vistas of the High Atlas Mountains, and gives you an opportunity to visit several old Kasbahs along the way. If you'd like you can let us know, and we can hike in the Dades Valley or in the Todra Gorge. The highlight of this Morocco tour is the desert of Erg Chebbi with camel trekking and night in tents.

We have various options related to day/night length. Let us know what works for you, but a few examples are below:

Option one. Four days, five nights. 

  • On day one of this tour, we'll pick up from your hotel/riad at 9:00 AM,  and travel towards the High Atlas Mountains. On our drive, we'll cross the mountains via the highest road pass in Morocco, which offers one a kind mountain scenery . After this, we'll discuss our options but you'll have the choice to take the main road (which is shorter) or travel off road to the Ounila Valley. This option is a route that offers unparalleled views of green valleys, river and remarkable colored slopes and hillsides. We'lll then visit an amazing UNESCO protected 16th century sight, where you can take a walk or hire a donkey to carry you across the river. We'll stay overnight with a lovely berber family. 


  • On day two in the morning we'll visit the city of Ouarzazate, which is famous in the country and surrounded by stunning palm trees in an oasis. Let's Travel Morocco will then take you up to the Rose Valley (which is known for the production of Moroccan roses and a variety of local beauty products. Your journey continues passing a variety of strange and beautiful rock formations through the Tamnalt Hills. We'll end the day at Dades Gorge, which is a deep gorge of red and mauve rock.  Here we'll spend the night. 


  • On day three, we depart Dades Gorge to visit another deep oasis in Morocco, called the Todra Gorge. Here we'll spend the morning appreciating the natural wonder of the gorge before resuming our trip together towards the Sahara Desert. As we approach Merzouga, you you will see first the sand dunes of the desert. There your camels will be waiting for you! Here they will carry you across the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. As you ride the camels the sun will set, and you'll have a wonderful meal and evening at the Nomad tent in the camp in the desert.


  • Day four, we rise early in the morning and watch the sunrise over the Sahara Desert while enjoying mint tea and breakfast. We'll enjoy a morning camel ride, you can shower and we'll enjoy the desert scenery. In the afternoon we'll visit the seasonal lake of Tamezquidate, which has water from November to April, May. It is very interesting to see the contrast between the water and the sand dunes of Sahara Desert. It is home to several bird species. Our adventure continues towards Erfroud, which is known for its date palm trees. You see fences guarding the palms agains the desert. Excitingly, Erfourd hosts a yearly date palm festival! We'll spend the night in ErfourdDay.


  • Day five, we depart in the morning to continue our jouney through glorious beauty and scenery. We will end at the city of Ifrane which looks like a Swiss village, or popular ski resort. Following, we have a late afternoon arrival to Fez where we say goodbye and we drop  you off at your riad.

Option two, three days and two nghts

  • We'll pick up from your Hotel in Marrakech in the morning and make our way to the verdant oasis of the Dades Gorge via the High Atlas mountain pass, and a World Heritage Site, one of Morocco's most spectacular (dwellings) that once guarded the lucrative caravan route through the Atlas mountains. We'll continue through Ouarzazate and the Rose Valley to drive along this oasis valley gorge of the rive, past ruined hilltop Kasbahs, valley-floor gardens and the strange rock formations of the Tamnalt Hills. Here we'll have dinner and stay at our hotel.


  • Day two we'll transfer from Dades Gorge to Merzouga via the highest oasis valley gorge in Morocco.  When we arrive in the desert your guide and camels will be waiting to carry you across the sandy dunes of the Moroccan Sahara. Here you will 'camel trek' as the sun sets across a desert landscape, for approximately 2 hours until you reach your desert camp and home for the night: a traditional nomad tent. At your desert shelter, you'll enjoy the mint tea that is served. A simple meal of tagine is freshly prepared for you by your guide. This night we'll enjoy dinner , and sleep overnight in a Berber tent.


  • On day three, we'll rise early to greet the new day and, after mint tea and breakfast, return across the desert on your camels to shower and depart. Transfer direct from Merzouga to Fes along the Ziz Valley Gorge and via Azrou and the cedar forests.

Option two, four days, three nights. 

  • Your pick up in the morning will be from your hotel/riad in Marrakech. Together we'll depart towards Ouarzazate via the highest road pass in Morocco. During this drive, you'll see panoramic views of the High Atlas Mountains and magnificent landscapes, the scenery peppered by small Berber villages typical of the region. Here we'll stop to visit Kasbah Telouet, an extraordinary sight of the Atlas. Which is a palatial residence and headquarters of the powerful Glaoui tribe. We'll continue on to a UNESCO protected site that has inspired many movies. Our next stop will be to Quarzazate, where we will spend the night, and enjoy a wonderful dinner. 


  • Day two, In the morning, we'll visit the movie studios in Ouarzazate and continue the journey off road to the palm tree oasis of Finnt. Something exciting we will see, is the Rose Valley, which is famous for the production of Moroccan roses, where they have a wide array of rose products available Continuing on we'll see a very strange rock creation of Tamnalt HIlls, and finally arrive at Dades Gorge, which has been carved for centuries by the Dades River. The natural scenery of red and mauve rocks towers above the road, making for an incredible sight. Here we'll sleep overnight in Dades Gorge, and enjoy a wonderful dinner and breakfast in the morning. 


  • On day three, in the morning we'll depart from the gorgeous Dades Gorge and transfer to the equally impressive gorge of Todra - the highest oasis in Morocco. After this stop we;ll head towards Merzouga, to visit the ancient city of Rissani.  Here we'll arrive to Merzouga, which is a doorway into the desert where your guide and camels will be waiting for you! Here begins an exciting journey across the sandy dunes of the Moroccan desert. This one of a kind experience, on camel, takes place as the sun sets across the desert landscape. For about 2 hours you are on camel back gliding across the desert until you reach your desert camp for the night. Here your guide will prepare for you a refreshing mint tea and dinner. It's a romantic night full of stars! We'll spend the night in Nomad tent, dinner will be served with breakfast in the morning. 


  • On the last day, you'll want to rise early to see the beautiful sunrise over the sand dunes. After breakfast in the desert, you'll return to Merzouga to shower . We'll continue on our way to the orested cedar hillsides where you may see a colony of monkeys! We'll finish our journey in Marrakesh, at the airport, or your hotel/riad.